Relax at the Top of the World

Award-Winning Modern

Tree House Style

123 Any Street, HJ 12345


Per night

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Sq. ft.


Built for the future.

Rainbows are a very common sight here (we even have “moon bows”). Our view of the sunsets over the Gulf of Nicoya are spectacular. Bananas from our property. We also have mangoes, guava, plantains, summer apples and are starting avocados.

And, we, of course, have coffee. Picture of a volcano (Rincon de la Vieja) we watched erupt from our property. Some of the Ficus trees and waterfalls on the property. One of the white-faced Capuchin monkeys that comes to visit us when we eat at a neighbor’s restaurant. A family of about 20 come to see us there.

Alta Del Mundo – Conscious Living.

Amazing views at the top of the world.

About the Owners.

Wanda and Bobbie bio page. Witty, interesting and inviting stuff goes here.

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Alta Del Mundo Team:

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Alta Del Mundo
Mountain Top, Anytown, 10100
Costa Rica

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